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Top 10 Companies Hiring this Week in Kenya, According to MyJobMag

Updated on May 20, 2022 34011 views
Top 10 Companies Hiring this Week in Kenya, According to MyJobMag

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Here are the top 10 companies hiring this week, according to MyJobMag:

  1.  CIC Insurance is looking for ICT Support Officer and Procurement Manager in Nairobi.
  2. Safaricom Kenya is hiring people for more than 5 positions.
  3. Nestle has Factory Finance Intern for graduate with 1-year relevant experience in Finance & Accounting..
  4. icipe - African Insect Science for Food and Health is hiring to fill 6 positions in Nairobi Kenya
  5. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is hiring more than 4 people for open roles.
  6. NCBA Group currently has more than 10 openings in sales, customer service, legal, ICT and more fields.
  7. Standard Bank Group needs you to fill any of these roles. They have 4 engineering, data, and other positions available.
  8. Privatization Commission is looking for senior professionals. Choose one and submit your applications right now.
  9. Equity Bank Kenya has 5 positions in finance, project management and ICT and many more positions.
  10. Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) has call centre, finance, legal and many more roles for you to apply 

More positions are also listed on MyJobMag Kenya

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  • Josphat Musyoka
    Josphat Musyoka May 24, 2022

    Looking for a job 

    • michael kivuva
      michael kivuva Jun 14, 2022


    • Winnie Muiruri
      Winnie Muiruri Jul 08, 2022

      @michael kivuva 

  • Metrine Milele
    Metrine Milele Jul 19, 2022

    Looking for a job .

  • Owera Marren
    Owera Marren Jul 19, 2022

    Looking for a job

  • Daniel Musembi
    Daniel Musembi Jul 20, 2022

    Seeking for a job 

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      Anne Awuor Jul 20, 2022


  • Faith Martha
    Faith Martha Jul 21, 2022

    Looking for a job vacancy

  • Bertha Odenyo
    Bertha Odenyo Aug 02, 2022

    Seeking for a job !

  • Humphrey Mbayi
    Humphrey Mbayi Aug 16, 2022

    Looking for a job am I need of it



  • Peter Kiplal
    Peter Kiplal Aug 21, 2022

    Looking for A finance Job

  • Ahmed Jelle
    Ahmed Jelle Oct 10, 2022

    Looking a job for online/onsite marketing, customer services, conflict management 

  • Thomas Butan
    Thomas Butan Nov 24, 2022

    Looking for an ECDE jobs within turkana county 

  • Lynn Wairimu
    Lynn Wairimu Jan 13, 2023

    Looking for a job

  • Ngisaja Joshua
    Ngisaja Joshua Mar 16, 2023

    Looking for ajob as a sales representative

    Barman and manager

  • Dianah Michira
    Dianah Michira Jul 31, 2023

    Looking for special needs education vacancy

  • Winnie Rose
    Winnie Rose Aug 31, 2023

    Looking for any job for a college student 


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