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Christiana Linus

HR Executive

Lucky Desmond

Digital Marketer

Louis Eze

Website Developer

Kelly Jonson

Sales Manager


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MyJobMag is my go-to recruiting website for all roles. Through the applications received from them, I have recruited some of the most competent staff for our organization . Their prices are extremely affordable! Great Job guys, I recommend them to both recruiters and applicants.

Modupeola A.

Excellent Service

In past years, My JobMag has provided excellent services. It is my default job website. As a leader in human resource management, My JobMag provides a continued refreshing experience - new job posts, consistency in the correctness and timeliness, support for shortlisting and cost effective. I recommend it in my mentorship calls for job seekers and recruiters. Keep up the good work. Keep innovating

Lorache Consulting

Very Reliable

Excellent services! MyJobMag has always been my go-to job site, especially when I need quality CVs at not cost. My relationship with them has reduced the need for me to spend large amounts on subscriptions fees for other sites. Would totally recommend them to any recruiter.

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