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Scam Alert: Youths for Youth Initiative (YFYI)

Updated on Jan 07, 2020 4972 views
Scam Alert: Youths for Youth Initiative (YFYI)

It has been brought to our notice that an Organization called "Youths for Youth Initiative (YFYI)" is requesting for payment from intending interns before they can start work for the Organization. 

We believe that this is wrong on the following grounds:

1. No genuine Organization will request payment from Interns or any prospective staff before being offered jobs.

2. If an Organization is interested in you, they will train you; else, they will look for trained personnel. A slight exception to this is if the Organization is looking for a special and rare skill and decides to train you. In this case, you will not pay the company in cash, rather you may sign an agreement to work with the Organization for a certain period.

3. Any Organization that requests for money from you - a jobseeker is selfish and will not care about you. The reason you shouldn't risk joining such an Organization if it indeed exists.

We really care about your safety, hence we strongly advise you to stay away from this kind of Organizations.


Find a copy of the email sent out by the purported Organization:

Dear applicant,

Thank you for showing your interest in working with Youths for Youth Initiative (YFYI).

YFYI is a youth led Non Profit making organization that focuses on youth empowerment through training and mentorship workshops, networking and offering competitive grants to outstanding youth groups. Our staff comprises a team of competent and dedicated interns and volunteers specialized in different academic fields.

At YFYI, we engage young people in leading the course for change. We believe that when empowered and given the right opportunity, youths are effective drivers of economic change in their communities. Our team consists of various interns and volunteers of between the ages 18-35 who are experts in different fields of study and who drive the outcomes of our sustainable development goals. Kindly visit for more information about our activities.

We operate in all the Constituencies of Uasin Gishu County (including Eldoret Town), Parts of Kericho County (including Kericho town) and parts of Nakuru County (including Nakuru town).

Following your application for our internship opportunity that appeared on local job sites, I am glad to inform you that we have offered you a conditional chance to serve as one of our interns as from 15th January 2018 based on your impressive academic credentials. Since this position is reserved for fresh graduates or individuals without prior work experience but who possess outstanding academic qualifications, we do not carry out interviews to award the opportunity hence this offer is purely based on your academic qualification and pegged on your ability and willingness to meet our conditions.

As an intern, your roles and responsibilities shall include;
a.    Study the conditions facing marginalized youths within our areas of operation through the application of available tools and procedures.
b.    Bring together the affected youths through workshops and seminars aimed at enabling them to form youth groups of between 10-30 people.
c.    Build the skills of the youths in their priority income generating activities by offering training and mentorship in those areas (using the available blue prints).
d.    Help in identifying outstanding groups qualified for our competitive grants offered in form of business startup kits.
e.    Help our groups in marketing their farm produce by creating viable partnerships with various companies that undertake contract farming.
f.    In collaboration with field supervisor, facilitate awareness creation to stakeholders and beneficiaries on project objectives and implementation arrangements.
g.    Identify training needs for relevant groups and provide support in capacity building.
h.    Help in arrangement of workshops and preparation of progress reports.

We pay interns a daily stipend of KES 1,900 translating to KES 9,500 a week (Monday to Friday). The money is paid on Friday evening every week. Other than trainings, the organization also provides interns with free accommodation, food (breakfast and lunch) and transport allowances (only during working days).

Our Human Resource Department is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring career development and skill enhancement among all our staff (interns and volunteers included). This include (but not limited to) offering initial training to our new staff and continue to carry out on the job trainings through various workshops, seminars and fellowships both locally and internationally. The internship opportunity will go for one year nonrenewable. You may be considered for an employment thereafter based on your competence and available funds.

As a requirement, you shall undertake a mandatory one week training beginning January 8th 2018 to January 12th 2018. Training shall take place in Nakuru town, Kericho town and Eldoret town. We shall communicate the exact training venues in due course. Food and accommodation shall be freely provided during the training. You shall be trained on your roles and responsibilities as an intern, the activities of the organization, our partners and funders, our working locations and their traditions, our beneficiaries and their backgrounds, our groups and their history, your package and facilitation among other important things. You will be trained by a team comprising of our Human Resource Department, external consultants, team leaders, local leaders, experts and representatives from partner organizations.

The cost of the training is KES 5,000 for every intern. However, the organization shall pay KES 4,000 for every intern. You are therefore required to physically submit KES 1,000 to our office at TilTil House, Kenyatta Street in Eldoret town or send it via M-PESA to Dr. Nathan Mutemwa (Director) at 0743 439 926 (Safaricom Line). This payment must be made by latest 29th December 2017 (Friday) at 3:00 PM.

a.    You must be willing to undertake this training and pay the KES 1,000 within the stipulated time frame. Failure to meet this condition shall lead to automatic disqualification.
b.    Kindly accompany yourself with original copies of your academic certificates and other testimonials indicated on your CV to the training venue for verification.
c.    Since work begins on January 15th 2018, ensure you prepare yourself accordingly. You shall choose where to attend the training and ultimately work among our work stations; Nakuru, Eldoret and Kericho.

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