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Increase your visibility: Get a Job in Kenya Faster with A Complete Profile

Updated on Oct 21, 2021 10526 views
Increase your visibility: Get a Job in Kenya Faster with A Complete Profile

Mary is just a regular Kanya girl, but a really smart one. She tries her best to live a responsible life right from her early years.

When she gained admission into the university no one was surprised because "it is Mary" so everyone kind of expected it. Mary was the mark of success that many people pointed to. Throughout her years in the university, everything went on smooth for her, and finally she graduated with a Second Class Upper degree. She was happy and so was everyone.

Now, it is time for Mary to move on to the next stage of her life...she started hunting for jobs. One month passed, two months, 6 months, and Mary can't seem to find a job. After one year, she decided to start searching for jobs online, but the story was not any different.

Now Mary said to herself: "Maybe I am not doing something right" (she wondered).

Then she decided to speak with different HR professionals, attend career fairs and meet-ups to find out what she is doing wrong. She did everything they asked her to do, but she is still yet to get a job. Right now, Mary is at the brink of being FRUSTRATED.


Just like Mary, have you  been searching for a job, but you are yet to find one?

According to research, 1.22 millions young people in Kenya are unemployed. Shocking statistics right? What appears to be numbers and statistics to people may be the reality that you are experiencing at the moment. 

You must have gone to re-write all your wrongs (updated your CV to meet the latest standard, updated your cover letter, prepared for interviews, etc.).

After doing all of these, you have still not been able to land a job, not even an interview invite (phew!).


Now, you start to think that the universe is against your landing a job or it is the people that you have wronged in the past. You cannot tell. Well, who knows, when every attempt that you have made to land a job has yielded nothing 


What else could you be doing wrong?

The truth is that you have not been able to land a job not because you are doing something wrong.

With the changes that have affected the world of work in Kenya and the stiff competition for an available job, you need more than a shiny CV to land a job.


"Haa!, my CV is not enough? What else could they possibly want?"


Hold on! 

​​​​​​Do you know that one attractive job advert attracts at least 250 applications?


Does this mean there will be job candidates far more qualified than you are applying for the same role? Yes!

That is why your CV may not be enough.


I understand that the job search process can be a tiring one. The good news is that: with the right approach, you would be able to stand out amongst other job seekers.


The best approach is to make yourself visible to employers.


"Not again, but how can I do that?"

Do not worry I will tell you the secret.


The easiest way to become more visible to employers searching for job candidates is by completing your profile on MyJobMag.


MyJobMag interacts with employers every day and created a system that makes it easy for you to be more visible to employers. COMPLETE PROFILE

Being more visible to employers that are searching for candidates every day makes your job search easy. Employers are busy, and they want to spend the least possible time searching for job candidates.


Completing your profile up to 100% ensures that you get the most suitable job recommended to you as soon as posted.


It also makes you 5-times more visible to recruiters searching for job candidates in your job field.


Job candidates have gotten jobs by simply completing their profiles on MyJobMag.


Completing your profile helps you stand out from other candidates.

Click here to watch the simple steps to completing your profile up to 100% on MyJobMag.

Complete Your Profile on MyJobMag

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This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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  • Margaret Kiyo
    Margaret Kiyo Dec 20, 2021

    I almost felt like you were telling my story.

  • Sharone Vicky
    Sharone Vicky Dec 20, 2021


    My experience right now.


    • Timothy Mugambi
      Timothy Mugambi Oct 16, 2023

      Hello would yu mind showing me how to go abt it

  • Steven Dete
    Steven Dete Jan 21, 2022

    my life at the moment

  • Brian Ogutu
    Brian Ogutu Jan 28, 2022

    My life right now cant seem to get it right

    • Laban Okumu
      Laban Okumu Jun 18, 2022

      Hae ,any job vacancy

  • Hilda Wanga
    Hilda Wanga Jan 29, 2022

    Jobhunt,help me get one please

  • Faith Kosgei
    Faith Kosgei Feb 03, 2022

    Let God be my light after realizing the step to take . Thanks My jobmag

  • Vivian Oduor
    Vivian Oduor Mar 23, 2022

    This is so me

  • Festus Kiplangat
    Festus Kiplangat May 12, 2023

    Looking forward for your response sir

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