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MyJobMag Website Has A New Look And It’s All For YOU

Updated on Jan 07, 2020 5755 views

For our users who didn’t notice, the MyJobMag website just got a cool new look and several amazing upgrades that could really change the way you interact with the website and we feel the need to share it with you.


To start off, let’s talk about what’s new and how it positively changes the way you use the website both as job seeker and employer. 


Read below to find out:


What’s New With The Website?



Aside from the above mentioned obvious, we also have…


A Search Button That Actually Narrows Down Your Search

Our search bar has been repositioned at the top of the page for easy access and you can now narrow down your job search by searching for jobs based on the exact job title.


Navigation Bars That Lead You To The Exact Page You Wish To Go To

The new and sharp navigations bars on our websites, now open up in a way that they lead you to the exact page you wish to view.  This was necessary, of course, to filter out semantic noise.


So that now,  when you click on the “CV services or Get Advice Nav Bars”  you are taken to that particular page, without any form of interruption or interference from other elements on the site.


Personalised Push Notifications


How does it work?

  • Scroll down the page and click on the subscribe button on the home page.

  • From there, you are lead to the push notification page where you can simply (You guessed it!) subscribe.


Why is this good?

  • What’s even better with subscribing for out push notifications is that you can actually select the times you prefer to be notified.

  • You receive automatic and fast notifications for jobs.

  • Get notified via email or SMS for free


Personalised Job Alerts


  • You now have the complete chance to sign up and get notifications for just the kind of jobs you are interested in, and only that alone. 

  • After you sign up,  jobs tailored to suit your preference will be sent to you.


That’s right, we will never send you a job you didn’t request for.


New Internship And Volunteer Opportunities

This new and improved MyJobMag comes with brand new jobs and opportunities for students and fresh graduates who wish to undergo an internship or simply volunteer to gain experience.


The package also comes with a button that allows employers to request for interns as well.


All you need to do is click the Intern navigation bar, and voila you are transported into a page of Internships/ Volunteering jobs in Kenya. It’s that easy.


Update, it has scholarship opportunities too.


The Graduate Starter Pack

Speaking of packages, did we tell you that we have a full Graduate package for students? No?


Well, the Graduate Starter Pack contains the ultimate resources that allow entry-level graduates and interns have a smooth transition into the workforce.  This pack is all you need to get started and you can get it for a price of Ksh 3,559.


Where is it located? At the bottom of the home page.


Our Excellent CV Rewrite Service

We have added a CV rewrite service on our site, where you can get your resume or CV rewritten to industry standards and well optimized so that it beats the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


You can also get your cover letter and  LinkedIn Profile rewrote as well.


A Brand New Control Panel That Well, Let’s Employers Control Their Own Job Postings

For employers and recruiters, we also have a navigation bar that allows you the option to post your own jobs.


How does it work?

  • Sign up

  • Post your jobs

  • We approve the job from our own end.



  • To post the job, you’ll first need to fund your account

  • After the job has been posted, you will be debited a certain amount.


Recruitment Services

MyJobMag has through this new website extended its hands to be your personal recruiter. We have made it possible for you to reach out to us to help you interview and hire potential candidates through our Recruitment services.


We go through the whole interview process for you, while you reap the benefits of having a rare talent for an employee.


New And Friendly


And yes, while we were busy remodelling our website to look good for you, we never forgot to make it user-friendly and mobile-friendly as well.


Don’t believe us? Why not visit the website to find out?


What do you think about the new website? What do you love about it?


Staff Writer

This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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